Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition, Spring 2022

April 11 – April 23, 2022

The Art & Art History Department of The University of Texas at Arlington is pleased to present the Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition at The Gallery at UTA.

About the Master of Fine Arts Exhibition

The Master of Fine Arts is a professional graduate degree in the practice of art – unique in that it is the artist’s terminal academic degree. The MFA in the Art & Art History Department offers students a broad range of study and exploration within the areas of Intermedia, Cinematic Arts, Glass, and Design. As a requirement for completion of the degree, candidates are required to present a culminating exhibition demonstrating excellence in their chosen field.

The Spring 2022 exhibition features six artists – Emma Breslauer (cinematic arts); Hien Dinh (cinematic arts); Humna Raza (intermedia); Jeremy Scidmore (intermedia); Amy Stephens (glass); Xuan (Shirley) Zhang (design) – showcasing representative works from their time as graduate student artists at UTA.

Darryl Lauster, MFA Director states, This exhibition represents a moment that encapsulates three years of each student’s rigorous conceptual and technical investigation. It reveals the scope and direction of artistic practice in the early 21st century while also testifying to the independent and unique vision of each artist.

Images By: Emma Breslauer, Hien Dinh, Humna Raza, Jeremy Scidmore, Amy Stephens, Xuan (Shirley) Zhang

For more information, contact Darryl Lauster 817-272-0143 or The Gallery at UTA 817-272-5658.

Emma Breslauer

Hien Dinh

Humna Raza

Jeremy Scidmore

Amy Stephens

Xuan (Shirley) Zhang