Brochures are trifold, sized at 9” x 8”, and illustrations are in color. All exhibits curated by Benito Huerta unless otherwise noted.

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“Planting a Line” (LR)
Artists: Steve Murphy and Linda Ridgway
Guest Essayist: Mark Thistlethewaite, PhD
Dates of the Exhibition: March 8 – April 24, 2004

“Personal Environments”
Artists: George Bogart, David Gibson, Tracy Hicks, Meg Langhorne and Andrea Rosenberg
Guest Essayist: M. Kathryn Shields, PhD
Dates of the Exhibition: January 26 – February 28, 2004

“Drawings” (AL) and “Little Mysteries / Paintings 1992- 2002” (SPY)
Artists: Annette Lawrence and Sydney Philen Yeager
Guest Essayist: Clint Willour “Common Themes / Material Differences”
Dates of the Exhibition: September 2 – October 4, 2003

Nadezda Prvulovic and Kaneem Smith
Guest Essayist:
 Sara-Jayne Parsons
Date of Exhibition: March 5- April 17, 2003

“Altered States: Digital Art”
Artists: Adriana Calatayud Moran, Stephen Marc, Delilah Montoya, Osamu Nakagawa, and Prince V. Thomas
Curator: Andrew Ortiz
Guest Essayist: M. Kathryn Shields, Ph.D.
Date of Exhibition: January 21- February 25, 2003

Vincent Falsetta and Casey Williams
Guest Essayist:
 Janet Tyson
Date of Exhibition: October 14- November 20, 2002

“The Figure: 3 + 3 X 3″
Artists: Tre Arenz, Frances Bagley, Frank Born, James Cobb,
Rosemary Meza, and James W. Sullivan
Guest Essayist: Jody Lee
Date of Exhibition: January 22- March 2, 2002

“2001 Biennial Faculty Exhibition”
Artists: Andy Anderson, Brent Anderson, Jinx Burk, Kendall Davis, Bryan Florentin, Billy Hassell, Benito Huerta, Marilyn Jolly, David Keens, Dalton Maroney, Leighton McWilliams, Kenda North, Andrew J. Ortiz, Nancy Palmeri, Jack W. Plummer, Susan Sitzes, Mary Vaccaro, Bart Weiss, Rene West, Nicholas Wood and Beth S. Wright
Date of Exhibition: October 15- November 20, 2001

T. Paul Hernandez and Michael Whitehead
Guest Essayist: Cindy Hurt
Date of Exhibition: September 4- October 13, 2001

Private Collections: “Artists, Curators and Collectors”
Collectors: Nona & Richard Barrett, Diana Block, Julie Bozzi, Phillip Collins, Tim & Nancy Hanley, Celia Munoz, Bill Runyon and Philip Van Keuren
Date of Exhibition: March 3- April 21, 2001

“Seriotoon: Comics & Commentary”
Artists: Rachel Hecker, John Hernandez and Roger Shimomura
Guest Essayist: Charles Dee Mitchell
Date of Exhibition: January 22- February 24, 2001

Marilyn Jolly and Andrew Ortiz
Guest Essayist: Joel Weinstein
Date of Exhibition: September 5- October 7, 2000

“On Death Row”
Artists: Richard Kamler, Vicki Meek and Robert Ziebell
Guest Essayist: Pamela Ice
Date of Exhibition: March 9- April 22, 2000

“Texas Paper: Works on Paper by Texas Artists”
Artists: Eric Avery, James Cobb, Patricia Forrest, Manuel Guerra, Bill Haveron, Patricia Hernandez, Annette Lawrence, Lance Letscher, Tierney Malone, Angelbert Metoyer, Floyd Newsum and Terri Thornton
Guest Essayist: Janet Tyson
Date of Exhibition: October 9- November 17, 1999
“1999 Biennial Faculty Exhibition”
Artists: Andy Anderson, Brent Anderson, Don Arday, Jinx Basey Burk, Lisa Graham, Jim Henderson, Michael Henderson, Benito Huerta, Marilyn Jolly, David Keens, Dalton Maroney, Jeffrey Martin, Leighton McWilliams, Kenda North, Andrew J. Ortiz, Nancy Palmeri, Jack Plummer, Susan Sitzes, Larry Travis and Nicholas Wood
Date of Exhibition: September 1- October 2, 1999

Artists: David McGee and Benito Huerta
Huerta exhibition curated by Kenda North
Guest Essayist: Lauri Nelson Robinson
Date of Exhibition: January 23- March 3, 1999

Susan Harrington and Cesar Martinez
Guest Essayist: Joel Weinstein
Date of Exhibition: August 29- October 3, 1998

Connie Arismendi and Kathy Vargas
Benito Huerta
Date of Exhibition: January 20- February 14, 1998